4 Haunted Places in Arkansas That Will Make You Scream

Warning: do not proceed unless you are ready for plenty of haunts and lots of fun. Boasting America’s most haunted hotel, a historic Civil War battlefield still patrolled by the ghosts of soldiers, and a bridge guarded by a deceased woman, there are more haunted places in Arkansas than you can shake a stick at. With so many places to visit, you will need some help planning your visit to Eureka Springs. That’s where our free Vacation Guide comes in handy! It’s full of insider tips and recommendations for things to see, do, and eat in Northern Arkansas.

Best Haunted Places in Arkansas


Dubbed “America’s Most Haunted Hotel,” the Crescent Hotel has appeared on many television shows like Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Witness. The hotel offers the unique chance to stay as a guest or take a Eureka Springs Ghost Tour through its hallowed halls for a chance to meet The Ghost in the Morgue or the woman who is said to linger in room 3500.


Radar Phantom Road lies less than an hour away in Rogers. If you cruise around the area at night, you may encounter the ghostly form of a dead Civil War soldier riding his horse. This haunted place in Arkansas is eerie even if you miss the soldier’s night ride.


Although the original bridge in Fayetteville was demolished in 2010, the ghost of a woman who drove off the edge, killing herself and her children in the process, supposedly haunts the area. Some locals claim that when stopped near the bridge site, their car windows fog up and the handprints of the woman appear on the outside of the glass. Even if she does not make an appearance, a night drive over Tilly Willy is a spine-chilling experience.


Pea Ridge National Military Park in Garfield is home to one of the best preserved Civil War battlefields. It’s also home to the ghosts of dead Confederate and Union soldiers that still wander the battlefield as sounds of cannons and muskets fire in the distance. Pea Ridge is a great place for history buffs to explore and learn about the battle that saved Missouri for the Union.

Bonus Haunt


Didn’t quite get scared enough or spot any ghosts at our top haunted places in Arkansas? Well, then you need to make a stop at Melonlight in Eureka Springs for a performance of Anna. This interactive theater production tells the story of Historic Crowe Manor and it’s descent into a withered, empty house full of secrets.


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