Everything You Need to Know About Geocaching in Arkansas

If you’d like to go on a treasure hunt while exploring the outdoor activities of the Natural State, then geocaching is for you! It’s a great way to explore the diverse terrain and beauty of Arkansas while reaching points of interest and locations you may not have otherwise discovered. Keep reading to learn more about geocaching in Arkansas! And if you’re looking to unearth other hidden gems while here, download our free Vacation Guide. It’s filled with recommendations for everything from fantastic restaurants to annual events.



Geocaching involves using a GPS device and an app, like the free Geocache app, to discover hidden containers called geocaches. When it first originated in the early 2000s, there were only 75 geocaches hidden. Today, there are over 3 million.


You can find caches in both urban and rural settings, and no two are alike, as they come in different shapes and sizes. Some are easy to find while others present more of a challenge. Various types include traditional caches, multi-caches, webcam caches, virtual caches, challenge caches, and night/UV caches. Geocache is also experimenting with mystery caches that require augmented reality to discover them. The actual appearance of caches can range from large plastic containers to film canisters to ammo boxes.


Geocaching is a fun way to explore a place that you are unfamiliar with or haven’t visited before. It can even help you discover places in the city you live in that you otherwise might never have visited! An added draw is that in larger caches, in addition to the log book inside the geocaches, there are often trinkets, Trackables, and other various small items. If you’ve brought a something to leave in exchange, you can take one of the treasures inside the cache. This adds an element of surprise and ensures a unique souvenir to commemorate your excursion.


There are plenty of geocaches in Arkansas ready for you to find them! Either search near your location within the app or start by searching geocaches in Arkansas online. A great place to start is one of Arkansas’ state parks, as caches have been placed in each park! Take care to preserve the natural environment as you are exploring, though.

At first, state parks banned geocaching within their bounds due to concerns about the practice harming natural landscapes. Their concerns were mollified by assurances from groups of geocachers, leading to permission for geocaching within parks and the development of groups like the Arkansas Geocachers Association.

There are a variety of places that offer maps and location information for some of the best geocaches throughout Arkansas. The map below features the locations of some of the geocaches in Eureka Springs. The coordinates are from Geocaching; if you would like more information, including the names, clues, and difficulty level, visit their site and sign up for a free account. It will come in handy on your travels!


Bring along the items you’d typically associate with a hike, like sturdy shoes and plenty of water, as finding caches can often mean you’ll be doing some hiking. For the majority of geocaches, the only specialized equipment you need is some form of GPS. Thanks to modern technology, that can be as simple as having a smartphone equipped with a geocaching app. Most geocache locations can be downloaded, meaning you don’t have to worry about spotty service creating a problem.

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